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Santo Stefano

Santo Stefano is the place where we feel at home, which is why we like to consider it a home and breakfast and not just a bed and breakfast.

Love for Polignano is a thin thread that holds us together and always brings us together, even when life's paths take us in different directions.

B&B Santo Stefano was born from Rosa's love for this village where she used to spend summers with her family and from the support of Augusto who believed in her vision of creating one of the first bed and breakfasts in Polignano and accompanied her in this adventure from the very beginning. From the presence of Monica and Vito who year after year have grown with this dream.

santo stefano

The terrace

Our terrace is always available during the day for guests to enjoy a relaxing break, the pages of a good book or a glass of Apulian red wine. 

Breakfast with traditional Apulian products

At Santo Stefano, breakfast has the aroma of coffee, mixed with that of croissants and freshly baked bread, and the flavour of Rosa's homemade cakes, traditional Apulian products and the fruits that our land gives us in every season.
But what makes this moment of the day truly special is the breathtaking beauty of Polignano's coastline and the intense colour of the sea that provide the backdrop for our guests' lively conversations or the silences that are sometimes more talkative than a thousand words.


Vico Santo Stefano, 9/11/13, 70044 Polignano a mare (BA), Italia.

T. +39 080.4249563 
W. +39 348.3617120